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Welcome to PNEUMA!

Yoga and massage at Pneuma Family Wellness Centre is unlike any other.  Both Linda and Terri customize their sessions and classes to your needs and explain their techniques and how they are helping your body.  Educating you on how your body works is a big part of who we are and what makes us different.  Linda is a yoga therapist and is qualified to teach yoga to those wanting to be a yoga instructor, has a certificate in nutrition from MSU, has a Masters in Fine Art and Science, and is finishing her doctorate in kinesiology.  Terri is looking to be the 10th cerified practitioner of NKT in the state of Michigan.  She also is looking forward to getting her Reiki Master's / Teacher certificate, as she likes to balance energy work with the practical application of massage techniques.

Pneuma is looking to bring on a Holistic Wellness Coach, a Licensed Counselor, other Reiki Practitioners, as well as Personal Trainers, and self defense courses. Pneuma also does an art class twice a month for the public.

*The purchase of all gift certificates, memberships, massages, and monthly yoga packages are final.  Any reimbursement is at the sole discretion of Pneuma Family Wellness Centre.