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_______________Massage Therapy_______________

" Born in 1925, I am closing in on ninety years of age. I stopped driving many years ago because my aching body no longer had the strength to remain a responsible driver. A friend, Julie Jarrett, suggested I call the Pneuma Wellness Center and make arrangements to have a massage person come into my home. That was the beginning of a fortunate happening. I am glad I decided on a once a week schedule because, now, after eight months, I am in relief of the tiring pain I had been experiencing in many parts of my body. Terri Kaczor first started with my right hip. I am still in awe of her knowledge of how to massage that area. It took weeks but eventually, whatever the problem, the pain was gone. This included massage on my right knee; now no longer hurting. Gradually her massage included my whole body. My arms and fingers had no strength so her massage included that area and the tenseness in my shoulders. My ability to play the piano had been so limited I no longer enjoyed it...until...a couple months ago, I realized I once again had the freedom of movement to tinkle the eight-eight keys. I am now in the process of getting back a dexterity I once had. I now walk with a freer gait.
Terri is gentle but effective. She realized I disliked suffering from massage so I never had any after-effect soreness.
Friends and family are impressed!"

"I love how relaxed I feel after a massage with Terri!"



" I have been doing Prenatal Yoga with Linda since I was 7 weeks pregnant. I'm now almost 21 weeks and believe me - that baby is showing and moving in there - and yet I have not experienced any of the pains that accompany a growing baby, i.e. back pain, sciatica, etc. Though she has given me tools to deal with these pains if they come, I truly credit the classes for the lack-there-of thus far. Prenatal Yoga has also given me an outlet for any stress and I reach such peace in her class, I will be utilizing the music and the moves I've learned to facilitate a peaceful natural birth. I know my son is benefiting from my stress relief, and I know he will benefit from the strength my body is building specifically in areas to push him out with ease. My husband even enjoys attending with me as his schedule allows and she does not charge extra for him as she firmly states we are a single unit working together for our child, (this makes it especially affordable for our growing family!). Aside from the Yoga, Linda has been extremely knowledgeable and supportive in offering natural solutions safe for my baby for dealing with other ailments such as my seasonal allergies. Every class she says a prayer over myself and my unborn baby, and it brings me such joy to feel God as I honor my body as His temple, growing His blessed miracle in my womb. Finding Pneuma has been an extreme blessing in our families life! <3 "

"I began my Yoga journey May 6th. I remember walking in the Friday before to ask about this class. I spoke with Linda Faz Martinez who is the instructor for Yoga and she answered all my concerns/questions that I had. I thought what the heck I will try this YOGA. I have to say, I LOVE MY YOGA!!! And Linda is the best. She explains everything so well. She is so knowledgeable about the Human Body and will adapt the poses to FIT your needs. I have faithfully attended Yoga three times a week since I began in May and look forward to the next class. I have gained such strength, flexibility and balance. I will say when I began, I was so out of shape and breath because I had not done any physical activity in a long time. I now attend Yoga three times a week, I also go to a Gym three times and week and I also walk three times a week for an hour. I highly recommend Yoga at PNEUMA again, I am amazed at my progress and I encourage anyone who has ever thought about doing this to give it a try. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT & LINDA MARTINEZ FAZ IS THE BEST!!"

"The first time I tried yoga ever was with Linda. I was so at peace I literally cried at my first class. Dealing with mental and physical health issues along with an ongoing (beautiful yet sometimes uncomfortable) pregnancy, yoga now is an essential part of my life. Linda remembers any complications you may have and has remedies and modifications for it. I have learned so much and now use this new knowledge in my every day routine. Thank you!"