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Happy, Healthy 101

This is the year to take control and get on track to a happier, healthier YOU!
It’s really confusing today to know what’s healthy and what’s not! It’s especially frustrating to have health concerns and not have the support and guidance you need to get on the path to wellness. You deserve to be healthy and happy!
Join Veronica Roman (“Coach Ronnie”) this summer for 6 health workshops where she’ll provide you with lots of useful information and guidance to get you started on your journey. Whatever your challenge is, whatever you’d like to address and change about your health, this will be your place to start!
Coach Ronnie is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach whose mission is to help others within an enjoyable, supportive environment. Grab a friend – or even your son or daughter – and join us for one or more of these amazing, life-changing workshops!
Class folder and handouts are included in your price, as well as individual email support between classes. Coach Ronnie is also available to work with individuals, one-on-one, in her more formal coaching program.
Learn more about Coach Ronnie at
$20 per class. Take as many as you like, or sign up for the entire series of 6 workshops for $100 (that’s one workshop FREE!).
All classes are on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7pm

Week #1 –
June 14: It’s all about BALANCE and Discover your DOSHA!
This is a beneficial intro to your health journey, so if you can attend this one, you’re off to a great start! You’ll discuss the “Wheel of Life” and complete a worksheet to help you identify the areas of your life that may need a little TLC. You’ll also celebrate the areas that are working great for you and learn how to maintain that greatness!
You’ll get an intro to ayurvedic eating, too. What’s your dosha? How do you eat according to your own unique body type? YOUR food may be someone else’s POISON!
Coach Ronnie will also give you some tips and recipes so you can start your happy, healthy journey immediately!

Week #2 – June 21: Don’t Be (Sugar) Shocked!
Most of us don’t realize how sugar destroys our health and the health of our kids. It’s seriously shocking! The American Heart Association recommends consuming no more than 9.5 teaspoons of sugar per day. But adults eat about 22 teaspoons a day, and kids eat about 32 teaspoons a day! That’s a serious sugar shock, but even more shocking is the fact that high sugar intake is linked to cancer, diabetes, and the obesity epidemic in the United States. YIKES!
Learn about the dangers of sugar from Coach Ronnie and how to get yourself and your family off the runaway sugar train! It doesn’t have to be a painful process when a supportive community has your back. Live happier, healthier, and longer with less sugar!
Week #3 – June 28: Terribly Toxic to Totally Transformed
Making changes to live happier and healthier might seem impossible, but with Coach Ronnie by your side, it can be merely effortless! All you need is the commitment to make small changes, one step at a time. Each baby step you take can make a huge difference in your life. And taking several steps over a period of time can be TOTALLY TRANSFORMATIONAL!
Uncover the hidden toxins in your life and the steps to take to live toxin-free in this information-packed workshop!
Week #4 – July 12: No Guts, No Glory
We each have 100 TRILLION bacteria living in our gut! It’s hard to imagine that what goes on in our guts between the good and bad bacteria basically controls our health and well-being!
Doctors and scientists are still discovering the many strong links between the bacteria in our guts, and conditions such as depression, anxiety, obesity, digestive, and other diseases. They know the important role of the gut and now even call it our “second brain!”
Find out what foods to eat and what foods to avoid to create a happy gut (and a healthy body). Also learn about probiotics and recommendations on what kind to take and how to take them.
Just one or two easy tweaks can make a world of difference in your gut…and in your life!
Week #5 – July 19: I’m So Exhausted, I Could Eat a Horse!
Is your life so frazzled, you can’t even think straight? Are you BEYOND exhausted? Do you feel like you’re out of control? Maybe you need a little R & R! Quality sleep, rest, and self-care may be just what the doctor (and Coach Ronnie!) ordered!  
Yes, our lives may be hectic, but if we don’t balance the busy-ness, they may become HORRIFIC! Many of us don’t realize how important sleep is to maintaining health and well-being in our lives. It’s estimated that only 1 in 7 Americans wake up feeling fresh every day of the week.
Learn how to fit quality sleep into your life in this dreamy workshop! Grab your blankie and get tips on how to breathe right and de-stress your life, while improving your health.  You’ll also learn about meditation and how it DOESN’T have to be sitting on the floor for 30 minutes every day (which we know is impossible!). Come rejuvenate with us!
Week #6 – July 26: That’s Debatable
Should I immunize my children? Is a mammogram dangerous?
Are vitamins and herbal supplements a waste of money or do they really work? Can they be harmful? Should I spend more for better quality?
What is a Naturopathic doctor and how are they different from “real” doctors?
Knowledge IS power, so join Coach Ronnie to get lots of great knowledge to help you make informed decisions about you and your family’s health. Be powerful and make the decisions that are right for YOU!